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oooohhhh guys! I have been busy… The blog has been quiet for the last week because I have started summer school. I study mathematics for 4 weeks, the second week just finished, and it is tough. I have to do … Continue reading

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On Being Healthy

When I was younger I was sure that the only way you could be healthy was if you were skinny, but as I grew up, I realized that you can’t put it that way. For me it is hard to … Continue reading

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Crab-tortillas Yummy!

  The Ingredients for the recipe: 1 Can of chopped tomatoes 1 Red chili pepper 200g of Crab meat 4 Whole wheat Tortillas 200g Cheddar cheese 100g Fresh buffalo Mozzarella and some olive oil for frying. Start by turning on … Continue reading

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OK OK! I told you guys that Maria was coming yesterday, I really missed her a lot, we haven’t seen eachother since end of August, so it was such a relief to see her, and after a while it seemed … Continue reading

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First Challenge

Yesterday evening, first day of the project. I was excited, I am sure Maria was as well. I had my first challenge yesterday, the beautiful girl in the picture graduated, and I was invited to her party afterwards, her parents … Continue reading

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Today is the day we start our project. I have been out on a long bike ride to the beach this morning before breakfast, and I do not feel exhausted I feel awake, and I think that this Monday is … Continue reading

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Blog start

We will start blogging on Monday! looking forward to sharing our journey with all of you. Mean while we are working on our motivation!

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