About us

We are 2 young women and we have decided to change our lifestyle; from sloppy students to healthy-well-eating-well-exercising young women.

Who wants to hear about us? That would be a selfish first act to just give a long introduction about our lives, when this blog really is about all of us. How many times have you been thinking that the best thing would be to change your lifestyle to something healthier, and never really got round to it? It is now our goal to complete this task.

We have both been living outside of Denmark for the last 10 months, Maria has been to college in California (bay-area) and Rikke has been working in London UK. We learned a lot from it, and now we will try to change the way young women/students think about food and exercising.

This blog will be a hand out to all of you, and we would love to get a hand back in form as advise and motivational comments on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. We would like to share thoughts, training insights, and recipes. More important we would love to have the same back from you guys.

Maria and Rikke

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