oooohhhh guys! I have been busy… The blog has been quiet for the last week because I have started summer school. I study mathematics for 4 weeks, the second week just finished, and it is tough. I have to do it because I want to study international business and politics, and to do that I have to upgrade my math level.


Being healthy for me now is tough, but even though I am struggling, I am still fighting through it. School from 8am-3pm, training from 4-6pm, homework from 6-7pm, and dinner after. When that is done I am tired as hell, and I collapse in my bed. It is hard for me to find time to make a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but after I started this change in food choices and upgrading my exercising, I have felt fresh and awake, I feel like I have more energy. And because of that, do I feel like I have to keep going, I can’t imagine having less energy than I do now.

Wednesday after school, I took the train to Holbæk where Maria lives. We had a great day, and after dinner we ran 1.5miles to the gym, had a basketball session for 1.5 hours and ran home, my legs burning all the way home in the train. And today Maria is back in Copenhagen (AWESOME) yesterday we walked to the airport from my home around 5 miles, we picked up my best friend Nanna, and because the Metro and busses didn’t go last night, we walked back. This morning when we went grocery shopping we could feel it. 😀

We are cooking dinner for my parents today, we are thinking of tacos… yummy! I still have a recipe I want put up, are you interested? 🙂

I send all my love and condolences to NORWAY and OSLO!

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