On Being Healthy

When I was younger I was sure that the only way you could be healthy was if you were skinny, but as I grew up, I realized that you can’t put it that way. For me it is hard to define ‘healthyness’. You can be skinny and still be really unhealthy, and you can be ‘big’ and be healthy.

When I was in High School I wrote an assignment on being healthy, we had to do tests like BMI, fat %, WH-ratio, VO2 max, and some other tests, I remember that I was surprised of the results, the people I thought were healthy, wasn’t really healthy, or at least according to the tests. The thing is when you take tests like these you always have to think about the sources of error that can relate to these tests.But when I wrote the assignment I opened my eyes on a topic that I wasn’t that interested in before.

I’ve tried so many times to lose weight, I have been on a 100 different diets, but nothing never really helped me. The difference now is that I am building a whole new lifestyle, I plan my food a week ahead, and I do healthy lunch packs for work, and I put fruits and vegetables around the house, so I see it everywhere I go it reminds me that I have to eat some of it.

I LOVE COOKING! I am obsessed with cooking, I really like creating food from scratch, which makes it easier to live healthier, or at least that is my impression. btw there will be a recipe post tonight πŸ™‚

My biggest motivation right now with this new lifestyle is that I feel much better also inside. I have more energy and it is easier for me to make the right choices when it comes to food. It is not difficult for me anymore to eat an apple and not chocolate because I don’t have any chocolate at home anymore. πŸ™‚

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