OK OK! I told you guys that Maria was coming yesterday, I really missed her a lot, we haven’t seen eachother since end of August, so it was such a relief to see her, and after a while it seemed like we hadn’t been away at all, it was amazing.. props to Maria! anyway for dinner we had chicken wok very basic but very delicious. Than we met up with some of our good friends and went to a part of Copenhagen called Christinia which is like a seperate state in Denmark, where they have their own laws and stuff, very interesting. We were both suppose not to drink alcohol for 8 weeks, but yesterday we had some beers and some wine, which weren’t good for any of us. So from now own I have decided not to drink at all.. that was the purpose from the beginning, but after yesterday I decided that it is a waste of time and money, you get so God damn tired, and it is not worth it. I woke up about an hour ago, and I am so not ready for work in an hour. So my plan of food today is that I skip the first two meals, it is not healthy at all, but I woke up late, and I drank alcohol yesterday, so I have to cut down on some other caleroies. I have been taking my bike to and from work since we started this, so today is no difference, but I might go for a run tonight anyway!

May you all have a great lazy Sunday, I promise you some great pictures and recipes for next week.

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