You are our motivation.

We want you to be a part of our project and help us and others to change our lifestyle. This project is not only about losing weight and getting in shape. This is also about personal development. We believe your personal experience and believes can help us open our eyes and see things from another point of view.  When we get old, we want to have that moment right before we die, where we look back at our lives, take a deep breath and with no regret in our voice say, “wuuuuooohhhhhh WHAT A TRIP. CAN I DO THIS AGAIN?”

We want to take you to the ‘good’ side. We want you to think about your actions when you do it, why you do it, how you do it, and the outcome of it.

The plan for this project is to start eating healthier, do more exercising, and of course straighten up our lifestyle. We will be training 5 times a week; we will mix up trainings with our normal basketball training, running, swimming, and other kinds of fitness. A part from that, we will also be doing a powerwalk or something else every morning before breakfast. We have had a bit of help with our food, a nutritionist has giving us something to start up on. And now we would like to have some help from you guys, feel free to share good and healthy recipes or other great advise. And we will share thoughts and comments from our ups and downs.

Welcome. We hope you will join our journey to become better human beings.

About Rikke and Maria

Hi we are two girls, Rikke (19) and Maria (20) who is changing our lifestyle over the summer, we will from now on take a healthy lifestyle serious. Our plan is that this blog will be motivation and of course we will share recipes and thoughts.
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